(c) 2013 Photo by Muhammad Yasir
Hey there! I'm Ifa. As you read this you may know this blog site from my Twitter or About the Author section on 28 Detik, a YA novel book published by Bentang Belia. I'm on my way to my second book, so wish me luck! I also write stuff like book review and recommendation, short story (one of them is a winner of Story Magazine competition, and two are included in an anthology In Utrecht, I Win Back My Love), and fanfiction.

In the daylight, I work for a school as a class teacher, currently teaching Science and Indonesian Language for primary level 3 despite being a Science Education graduate prepared to teach secondary. Between hustle and bustle of classroom, I attempt to have a life by enjoying pop rock bands (currently listening to ONE OK ROCK westernized a.k.a. their English albums, Mae especially The Everglow album, and the recently broke-up Yellowcard 😢), watching good serials, designing, and drawing. Oh, I also made comics, most of them are for educational purpose (like my skripsi).

I like to talk about the world (and beyond), so if you have something to say do not hesitate to drop them here! You can also contact me through emails and mention me on Twitter, or check out my Goodreads account and LinkedIn profile. Live long and prosper!